Dark Nouveau

The first issue is finally out and we feel inspired, happy and accomplished that we; the metal community; have a magazine devoted to the arts and crafts. Of course, the music goes without saying, but we must remember what makes our culture so unique. Artists and musicians have incredible stories to share; abilities, creativity, passion, talent, etc. and we are here to celebrate this. We named and themed this commemorative first issue to Dark Nouveau, in honor of the popular and ever beautiful Art Nouveau. The style has become incredibly popular in adorning album covers, so we felt that it was a great place to start. Ghost, John Dyer Baizley, Sylosis, Glyn Smyth are some of the artists who have embraced Art Nouveau and presented it to a new generation of music lovers. In this issue, and in all others to come, we gather and collect the finest stories, profiles, and interviews to give an intimate experience with the artists and bands.

Featuring all exclusive interviews with Ghost, Zev Deans, Roboshobo, John Dyer Baizley of Baroness, Metastazis, Frode Sylthe, Dan Mumford, Jimbob Isaac of Hark, Matthew Vickerstaff, Misanthropic Art, Michael Xaay Loranc, Marcelo Vasco & Slayer, Mark Wilkinson & Iron Maiden, Napalm Death, Paradise Lost, Sepultura, Killing Joke, Sylosis, Gojira, Lacuna Coil, Sikth, Inferno Festival, Rock n Roll movies and the Art of Metal.

Issue one Dark Nouveau is now SOLD OUT. We only have 30 left and they are part of a box set, which includes:

First 4 issues with the same number from number 2 till 31, signed by the author. Heavy Music Artwork Portraits hardback book, Ghost photo set, Ghost 2017 calendar, portraits mini book and t-shirt. Numbers will be allocated based on the order. Sent only via tracked mail. Plus you will receive 15% discount on Arte Divina book released Autumn 2017,  and personal invites before public announcements.