Top 10 albums that changed my life by David Miranda of Nostoc

Costa Rican band Nostoc was founded in 2010 by Freddy L. and Ariel J. They were looking to create groovy music that would be groundbreaking and unique. They soon found comrades in Leonard C. and David M. In 2011, Ariel departed from the group, but they found a new face in Emmanuel C. With this lineup they recorded their 2012 demo “Foresight”, followed in 2013 by their first single “The Effigy of Numbness and Idiocy”. 2014 marked the departure of Leonard but Nostoc carried on with their new member Jorge C. With this new lineup they released the Singles “Saturnian Mindscope Introspection” and “Transmute” in 2017, both included in the later release of their full-length album “Ævum”.

Metallica, Master of puppets

Megadeth, Rust in peace

Arctic Monkeys, Whatever people say I’m, That’s what I’m not

Death, Human

Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon

Gojira, From Mars to Sirius

Audioslave, Audioslave

Cynic, Traced in Air

Guthrie Govan, Erotic Cakes

BTBAM, The Parallax II