Nestor Avalos & Bloodbath: Grand Morbid Funeral (Peaceville Records)

We started from the concept of the band and the name of the album 'Grand Morbid Funeral'. This was the determinant factor for the whole process 'a place of plague where the poor bury the dead' – Anders Nyström. We started with a couple of pieces that they choose from my site, then they picked the one that really works for this Monstrous and demonic carnage. Exist one special piece inspired by the Rat King phenomenon that consists in involve a number of rats intertwined at their tails, which become stuck together with blood, dirt, ice, or feces also historically, various superstitions surrounding rat kings, and they were often seen as a bad omen, particularly associated with plagues. The concept in this piece was translated from rats to dead corpses filling it with the darkness that could be emanated from this abomination; to this piece, I added some occult symbolism, everything maintained a consistent approach.

I didn’t listen to any song of this new material, I knew the band since 'Resurrection Through Carnage' album and yes they bring a literal bloodbath through your mind, you could feel the pestilence and stench of death in their true essence. When you create a commissioned piece, it’s a little bit different.  I usually ask for a draft or an idea to start to create a sketch (mental or physical), also do some research and compile information (graphic and written) about the concept, topics and the idea that the band or the artist needs to represent in the final result, of course I add the personal feelings and devotion that the manifestation needs to characterize and give that essence that provokes and question the spectator’s sanity and touch their mind when they see my work.

When the art process it’s totally personal, I just let my hand and mind give a ride through the womb of the serpent. Everything could influence you in one way or another, experiences,  wisdom, feelings, colors, sounds, day and night, life and death, the earth, air, spirit, water and fire; everything could be all and nothing at the same time. Everything could be destroyed and explore another meaning and dimension of the same concept. My art tries to reflect these spiritual beliefs that illuminate the path that I chose to walk, decode my psyche and navigate through the waters of the unknown.

My personal and principal influence as an artist, it’s sacred art; I come from a supposedly deep "Catholic" country, as a child, I had a constant contact with this religion and as a consequence with their artistic expression, that’s why my work tries to transform the holy to unholy and vice versa; creating a portrait of the hidden meanings behind the light bringing a key to open a gate to our spiritual chaos.

Talking about artists, I would love to mention to Austin Osman Spare, Francisco de Goya, Gustave Doré, H.R. Giger, Travis Smith, Seth Siro Anthon, Alan Moore, Chris ThornCross Moyen, Manuel Tinnemans, Timo Ketola, Samuel Araya, Mitchell Nolte, Vincent Castiglia,Robert W. Cook, Rafael Tavares, Denis Forkas Kostromitin, Metastazis, Mark Riddick , and many more. They became real sources of inspiration also a personal challenge to develop and improve my skills.

If exist a ritual to open and create a connection with it? – Sort off – I prepare the right environment that let the ideas, sensations and the emanations from the other side fluid easily. (Light candles, burn incense, have a book near, music usually isn’t metal at all ).  I use everything that fits in the piece, every creation or manifestation ask for what needs in the process.

The relationship was very healthy; I mean they had pretty clear what they had in mind and wants to represent in this opus, but never tried to limit my creativity; if I had a suggestion, they took it in the count and evaluate it if it fits in the concept or not. I felt free to create and develop the pieces that they need. I only was part of the process of the artwork; the cover, the infamous rat king piece and the sheets design for the booklet. I use the common requirements of CD and LP formats, also the quantity of pixels that the art needs for a good function in the prints and applications for promotional items.

I would like to say thank you for this great and marvelous opportunity and thank you to everyone who gave me their confidence and support in this journey (record labels, musicians, artists, writers, editorial houses & friends). THANK YOU to all of you. Who has decided to open your heart, soul and spirit to the black light? We feel the fire igniting the skin of the flesh that we choose to leave behind; every step carves our sentence into the absence of light. No regrets; now we burn and choose to walk in the dark. 

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